Kenai Watershed Forum has received all laboratory results from it’s Summer 2023 Baseline Water Quality Monitoring. The results are currently being prepared for upload to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Water Quality Exchange, a pubic data repository for water quality data.

Once the data is prepared, it will be integrated into an in-progress comprehensive summary report, similar to our previous such report published in 2016.

The results are preliminary have not yet been subject to QA/QC checks or analyzed against water quality standards; we expect to complete this by Winter 2024.

We worked with two laboratories in Spring 2023:

1.) Soldotna Wastewater Treatment Plant – SWWTP provided analyses of Total Suspended Solids and Fecal Coliform:

Download Summer 2023 Total Suspended Solids results

Download Summer 2023 Fecal Coliform results

2.) SGS Laboratories, Anchorage – SGS provided analyses of all other substances monitored in Spring 2023, including nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen, and metals like zinc, copper, lead, and others:

Download Summer 2023 Metals and Nutrients results

For questions about 2023 water quality results, contact Benjamin Meyer, Water Quality Coordinator. Thank you again to all the participants and volunteers who made this event happen!