River Table

Our River Table is a powerful hands-on learning tool for teaching all ages, bringing all the fun of a sandbox and all the science of stream management to your location. Our lessons are delivered by Kenai Watershed Forum staff and cover how rivers are affected by the choices we make. Whether it’s how we build roads and homes, how we manage vegetation, or shifting flow levels, rivers are constantly changing with the landscape around us. With the River Table, we have a birds-eye view of the watershed.

Thanks to a partnership with Kenai Soil and Water Conservation District, the River Table is currently visiting locations free of charge throughout the Kenai Peninsula Borough. To request a River Table visit to your event or classroom, see the FAQ section below and click the link below.

River Table FAQs

Can I see a video of the River Table in action?

Yes, check out this YouTube video.

What kind of events can I request the River Table for?

The River Table is best suited for settings with set interaction times, such as classrooms, meetings, conference workshops, or other events with a defined schedule. Festivals, fairs, and trade shows typically are not as well suited to River Table events unless specific educational sessions are also scheduled.

What kind of other logistics details should I be aware of?

Set up of the table takes about 1 hour, and when fully set up, the table will occupy a space of 5 ft x 9 ft. We will need a water source nearby (the table holds about 30 gallons of water when fully functional). The table needs to be located in a space where unsupervised access is not available. 

Can River Table events happen over multiple days at my location?

Yes. We are able leave the River Table set up overnight for multi-day events, provided a secure space where unsupervised access is not available.

How  are River Table request visits selected?

Our ability to schedule River Table events depends on staff availability and time commitment, and are targeted to reach audiences aligned with our goals and mission. We evaluate all requests and look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact us with additional questions.

I have more questions! Who can I reach out to?

Reach out to Education Specialist, Katey Shedden with anything else!

Request a River Table Visit