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Welcome to Stream Watch volunteer training!

This course will cover all the fundamentals that you need to know to become a Stream Watch Ambassador. The course includes four hours of required video content, and three additional hours of optional, but important lessons. Before you begin please read and follow the below steps:

1) You must create an account to login and enroll in the course. Click Here to register.

2) Once you register, click the blue “Login to Enroll” button above. Once you do so, you can scroll down on this page to access the lessons, topics, and quizzes.

3) After you Login, please contact the current Stream Watch Coordinator, Brandon Drzazgowski, so he can give you full access to the course content. Brandon can be called at 907-398-4304 or emailed at

4) To successfully complete the training, you must get 80% or better on each of the quizzes. You can retake quizzes as many times as you need to.

5) If you are a new Ambassador who has not been through the formal orientation, please watch each video in its entirety. If you are a returning Ambassador, please watch as much as you need to or want to for review, but you can take the quizzes as soon as you feel prepared to do so.

If you have questions anytime during the course, please reach out to or call (907) 398-4304.