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The Kenai Watershed Forum focuses on working together for healthy watersheds through collaborative solutions. That collaborative effort includes you. Become a volunteers and make a difference.

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Not only do volunteers complete projects of all sizes both in the office and in the field, but volunteers help us devote funds directly to research, restoration, and education projects, deepening our impact. You can become a Stream Watch Ambassador, participate in water quality sampling, help put on events. Apply today!

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Become a Kenai River Fair volunteer.

The Kenai River Fair is an annual educational event held in Soldotna Creek Park that engages the community through family friendly fun. To learn more about the this awesome two day event, visit the Kenai River Fair Page.

Plenty of hands are needed to help the River Fair run smoothly. If you are interested in supporting this event by donating some of your time, please fill out the form below.

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