Strategically, our restoration focus is to reconnect inland salmon nurseries to the ocean. While we don’t have many hydroelectric dams on the Kenai Peninsula, we do have a large number of roads with poorly designed or maintained culverts that prevent adults and juvenile salmon from accessing the habitat they need. There are dozens of culverts that need our help and we are discovering more through our Culvert Assessment project. Other organizations are focusing their efforts on direct bank habitat and providing responsible access, and we believe it is important to provide the most amount of restored habitat per dollar spent – and that opportunity is found in restoring fish passage.

We will occasionally take on a larger restoration project when conditions are found to warrant our expertise. One such example was the Anchor River where a the river was captured by a gravel pit, creating an unnatural and detrimental condition for salmon. We were the only local organization with the skills to tackle such a large scale effort.

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