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Insects of Southcentral Alaska

Published by the Kenai Watershed Forum, the guide is filled with 700 incredible photographs and detailed descriptions of Southcentral Alaskan insects. Sold for $19.95. See order form below.

Willows of Southcentral Alaska

A local field guide to Southcentral Alaskan willows, published in 2003 and reprinted in 2009. Sold for $12.95. See order form below. The original (2002) version is also available online.

Wetland Sedges of Alaska

Written by Gerald Tande and Robert Lipkin, this guide will increase awareness and appreciation of Alaskan wetlands. Reprinted in the spring of 2009. Sold for $12.95. See order form below.

On the River

This introduction to waterfront property management will guide you through the basics of developing a plan for your property taking into account your property goals and watershed health. Learn how to protect your property investment and the natural resources of the peninsula. Distributed for FREE. Contact us to order.

Streambank Revegetation and Protection

Revised in 2005, this guide describes techniques for revegetation and plant protection along sensitive nearshore habitats. This guide is geared towards landowners with streams or riverfront property. Distributed for FREE. Contact us to order.

Also, take a look at this Nature Conservancy article featuring the Kenai Peninsula and the Kenai Watershed Forum from their 2000 March/April publication

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