Kenai Mountains to Sea

What is “Kenai Mountains to Sea”?

Kenai Mountains to Sea is a partnership of local agencies and organizations that formed out of concern for our rapidly changing Kenai Peninsula. While nearly three-fourths of the peninsula is managed within three federal conservation units, the partnership identified the need for a peninsula-wide land conservation strategy to sustain our way of life by promoting natural resource based community assets. This initiative leverages existing land conservation by focusing on the 20 inter-jurisdictional anadromous stream corridors that pass from federal conservation estate through non-federal lands to reach the sea. While working with willing private and public landowners, the partnership aims to utilize tools such as easements, land acquisitions, and stream bank restoration. the project also employs unconventional methods including development of green space for recreational purposes and local option zoning to patch together disparate parcels, thereby creating a continuous corridor running from mountains to sea.

Kenai Mountains to Sea: Strategic Plan

Focus Areas

The partnership has chosen to focus its collaborative efforts on the 20 inter-jurisdictional stream corridors found on the peninsula. In other words, headwaters of the streams within the corridors under consideration begin under protection on federal lands, flowing through non-federal lands to the sea. In total, these streams represent 771 miles (or 43%) of stream miles peninsula-wide.

  • Aialik Bay
  • Beaver Creek
  • Crooked Creek
  • Deep Creek (North Fork)
  • Fox River
  • Funny River
  • Harding-Gateway: Bear Glacier Creek
  • Harris Bay: Paguna Creek
  • Kasilof River
  • Kenai River
  • Killey River
  • Moose River
  • Nuka Bay: Ferrum Creek, Unnamed Creeks 1-2
  • Otter Creek
  • Resurrection Creek
  • Resurrection River
  • Seven Egg Creek
  • Sheep Creek
  • Sixmile Creek
  • Swanson River


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